We aim to provide high tech in-vitro diagnostic platforms for infectious diseases testing.

Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, the use of antibiotics has saved countless lives worldwide. However, the excessive and incorrect use of these same antibiotics has led to a worldwide health hazard. It is precisely through the use of antibiotics that more and more resistant bacteria occur, which are therefore insensitive (or resistant) to certain antibiotics. Fighting infections caused by these resistant bacteria is therefore much more difficult because the usual antibiotics no longer work.

To counter this growing problem, it is of the utmost importance that antibiotics are handled correctly both worldwide and in the Netherlands. By this we mean not only the correct use of antibiotics by the patient, but also the correct prescription of antibiotics by the doctor.

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Our why...

Our CEO and founder, Eriola- Sophia, says “That satisfaction you feel when you help someone in need. That feeling rushing through your body when you help someone at work or even better a stranger on the street. The question is what do you want to help with? We all have our own preferences but for me it’s Healthcare and I’ll tell you why. Here I would like to introduce you to why I am choosing Healthcare and subsequently Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). “ Our why has also been published as a guest blog at AMR Insights, a new information platform on AMR, and has inspired hundreds of people to share their stories. For our full why see:

Based in Eindhoven,

The Netherlands

We are a startup located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The startup aims to develop Point-of-Care fast and accurate drug testing diagnostic devices for personalised medicine prescription. These medical devices will inform the doctor on whether a drug will work for a patient prior to drug administration, but it will also advise the doctor on the most efficient drug for each individual patient. We aim for a regulated drug administration tailored on each individual’s needs. 
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Our product

We are currently working towards the evaluation of our idea to a commercially viable product. Our initial experimental results are encouraging for the potential of such a product. Thus, soon we are wrapping up the necessary experimental work to come with a working prototype. 

Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door een bijdrage uit het Stimuleringsfonds Metropoolregio Eindhoven. 

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Feb 2020:

Innovation for Health

Feb 2020: ShanX Medtech BV will be present at the Innovation for Health 2020 on February the 12th and 13th 2020 at the De Doelen ICC in Rotterdam and our CEO is pitching at the startup pitch contest! Wish us luck and come and hear what we have to say!


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December 2019:

High Tech Plaza

Our CEO, Eriola-Sophia, is pitching at the Drinks, Pitches & Demos onDecember 4th2019, at the High Tech Plaza. Come and get to know us!

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September 2019:

Subsidy for more R&D from MRE

We are celebrating our first subsidy for more R&D on our idea! The subsidy received from Metropool regio Eindhoven will allow our startup to make our first pilot.



Special thanks to our supportive network

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